What's New with Poetic Blend?

In short: everything.

After five years, we felt that it was time to inject a new, fresh look to our products & brand. While it was a massive undertaking, it was also a much needed one that will benefit both our clients and us, as a small (but mighty!) business. 

Our beloved facial oils will be getting a brand new makeover, with new round bottles with droppers, new labels, packaging and formula, but don't worry - we've worked hard to ensure that you will love it just the same if not, way more. Transitioning our current oils into a dry-oil formula meant working closely with a skin care lab to make sure that the proper ingredients will yield the best results for our skin, so this took some time to perfect. While the process was a laborious and expensive one, we are proud to announce that we made the conscious decision to not change the price point of our new dry oil formula & will keep it the same for our valued clients. 

And what is a dry oil, you ask? Well, it works exactly the same as before, but has a much faster absorption rate with none of that shiny oil film on your skin. 

Additionally, we've been working tirelessly on introducing a new collection of serums to our line-up. They truly are a marvel & with a completely different consistency than traditional serums - they are designed with a gel-like composition that enables it to hold more highly concentrated nutrients and vitamins for a spectacularly nutritive skin experience. A real game changer!