What are facial oils? Will using them cause me to break out if I already have oily skin?

Our facial oils are jammed pack with highly nutritive plant-derived ingredients that help boost your skin's hydration and, with regular use, it can actually help normalize your own skin's natural production of oils. Contrary to the popular belief that "putting oil on top of my oily skin will clog pores and will cause me to break out" - over time, applying quality botanical oils on oily skin can actually assist with regulating your own skin's oil production.

What is the difference between face oils and face serums?

Ah, the most popular question we've received so far. The answer is in the molecular structure of each product. 

The main difference between serums and oils is that oil molecules are much larger and serve to penetrate only the outermost layers of the skin. Since the oil molecules are naturally more larger, it simply cannot reach the deeper layers of the skin.

Serums are skin treatments that contain highly concentrated ingredients made to penetrate deep within the skin. The ingredients in serums are molecularly formulated to be smaller in size, increasing their ability to reach the furthest layers of the epidermis. Serums are usually made of combination of water (depending on the formula) plus actives, like peptides, antioxidant rich vitamins, or resurfacing ones like glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids. When we say actives, we mean any ingredient that affects the function of the skin. For example, peptides increase collagen production. This is why serums are made to reach those buried skin layers that are harder to reach with moisturizers.

Can I use both face serum + oil?

Absolutely - we've designed & formulated our facial oils and serums to pair well together. Both facial serums and oils provides your skin with added moisture, but the main reason you’d want to use a facial serum is to get added nutrients into the deeper layers of your skin that a facial oil is unable to reach. 

Direction for use: You'll want to use your face serum first, allowing it to fully absorb deep into your skin, then follow with the face oil of your choice, this will give your skin an extra boost of hydration that helps promote collagen production, which we all know, depletes with time. Le sigh.